Spomenka Jovičić


Born March 16, 1963 in Belgrade.

She spent her childhood and all her life in beloved Sopot.

As a little girl, she was dancing in the Cultural art society in Sopot and singing in the school choir (primary school “Jelica Milovanović”), also she played the accordion. In high school she was solist of the choir.

She is a winner of many music awards, like “Zlatna sirena” and certificate “Mokranjac”. Multiple Winner of the Prize “Najlepši glas Sopota” (the best voice of Sopot). She was member of ferial alliance of Yugoslavia.

After getting married and having two children, she paused with singing. Her daughter is handball player and son football goalkeeper. She teaches them that the most important thing in life is: when you fall, you have to get up, because the losers are the only ones who stay lying down. When her beautiful granddaughter Jana was a little baby, she sang the children’s songs to her.

She has opinion that a harmonious family, full of love and warm is real happiness. Today, while visiting the monasteries, she sings with church choir from Mali Popović village.

She has been an active member of the choir more than one year  and that brought a lot of joy and happiness in her life, also it returns her back in school days, when she was carefree and joyful.

Today she is also smiled and positive, even when life is hard and not always easy. Her smile represents her in one word.

Most of all she likes to travel, and her suitcase is always ready. She visited many countries and can’t decide which city is more beautiful: Paris, Barcelona, Cairo or Luxembourg. Her next destination is Moscow. 

During all her life she’s being working with people. She likes being accompanied with positive, dear and happy people  and she likes having that kind of people in her surrounding.