Katarina Velikić

Born July 21, 1995. in Belgrade.
She lives with his family in Sopot.
They have been engaged in raising and addopting children for five years now, so their family, besides the mother Milena, father Dragan, sister Anica and her, raise another beautiful girl.
After she graduated Primary, she also graduated from the Lower School of Music “Petar Konjović” (flute direction). She is a kindergarten teacher,  and she attended the High School for Teacher Education in Vršac, and last semester she attended in Arad, Romania, within the Erasmus + . Besides she graduated with A,  she was also a proud member of the choir of this school.

She speaks English, and she “gets along” with French and German.
In October 2017 she started working at the kindergarten “Naša radost”, Sopot, as a teacher.
She describes her job as a “rest for the soul”!
In October 2018, she starts working at a preschool age, in the same set up.
She played folklore dance for 10 years and traveled the world. She remembers games on a cruise on the Danube, with societies from around the world, even from Thailand, and describes them as unforgettable moments!
She likes to sing, to dance , and everything that has to do with music.
Besides music and children, she loves animals, and pereferes dogs.
She would like to be a veterinarian if life gives her opportunity to live again. She has puppies Srecko and his mother, Lesika.
She is always ready for cooperation and agreement. She is happy with nature, happiness and laught are her secret weapon.