Katarina Marković


She was born at the end of the summer, on September 4, 1980.

Her parents, dear and good people, Dusan and Mira, professor of philosophy and architect technician, gave her life. They have a special place in her heart and she is very grateful to them for everything they did for her.

She is open-hearted to the whole world, to all people, regardless of which religion or culture they belong.
She  values people by good heart and warm soul. She likes simplicity, she is sincere and straightforward.  Nature inspires he, and she finds peace in it.
She feels fascinated by colors, scents, sounds and forms provided by nature.
She is able to spend hours and days walking through the forest, exploring herbs, capturing new landscapes, observing the marvelous animal world and water, which has a special significance for her. She believes in God. Faith combined with love and hope, gives her the power to know herself and the world surrounding her, to love and be loved, to live. She strives to improve in every respect and to be a good man, to overcome the supreme Christian virtues of forgiveness and repentance.
With her restless spirit, in youth, she was never sticked to a place. She was engaged in sports, and trained favorite volleyball.
Music takes a very important place in her life. She enjoys music from different parts of the world. She always sings, sometimes for herself. She used to dance folk dances and attended Latin dances. Recently, she is a proud member of the phenomenal female choir “Neume”, led by a fanstatic and wonderful woman, conductor Nada,  who inspires and creates magic with her indescribable love.
She is a passionate culinar. She truly enjoys the magic of cooking food spiced with love for her family and friends. In doing so, she finds inspiration and shows endless animosity. Neither the kitchen of the size of the house would have been enough to satisfy her affinities about preparing food.
She spent all her childhood in Kačarevo, a beautiful town in Vojvodina, in the south of Banat. The combination of the unfathomable sky and the endless plains are carved deep into her consciousness.
She had the opportunity to be in close contact with nature, which today appreciates the high quality and something that significantly influenced her personality. She will never forget the smell of spring, the taste of ripe fruits, endless games with friends from the street, a beautiful neighborhood, the most beautiful gift for the fifth birthday, brother Nebojša, the boy of beautiful eyes and warm smile, her grandmother Kate, a true housewife which created a magic of everything she did, preparing the most delicious dishes, knitting the most magnificent sweaters, telling the most exciting stories, providing unreserved love and attention at all times.
Even today, it is not entirely certain if everyone’s childhood is so unrealistically beautiful or she had the incredible fortune to spend it in love, joy and well-being.
When she was ten, she moved to Belgrade. Moving into the great city and the years that followed,  took her carelessness that she felt before, but gave her new experiences and many unforgettable moments.
She met her best friend of Branko. She felt the magic of the first kiss. She enjoyed gymnasium days: outings, concerts, theater, travel. She found a good job. Completed IT. She felt in love and married an irresistible man, infinitely noble and witty. She became a mother. She brought to the world three sweet, fine and shy girls, mom’s angels. Today , she would not be who she was if she was not experienced it.
But it’s time to break away from this unreal city. She felt the nature again. She found a new home in the area of ​​Sumadija, near the magical and wooded Kosmaj, in the village with a strange name, Nemenikuće (tran. Serb.-there is no house)
With her family, she nested here, and she enjoys endlessly. She has beautiful friends who mean a lot to her. She has discovered many magical places in the surrounding area, which her body and soul are loosening. She needs little to rejoice: a lovely sunny day, a child’s smile, a bumblebee of birds, a buzz of bees, a noise of leaves, a scent of grass, a touch of warm wind on the eyes.
She found peace and slowly returns to her carelessness she felt as a girl.