Jovana Marojević





Born November 17, 1988 in Niksic.

She lives in Sopot, but misses her home town very much.

She graduated high school in economics, and currently attends applied arts faculty / department of interior design.

Beside everyday s reorganizing and decorating the house, she is into music, the most beautiful of all arts in the world. She also believes that human kind should feel lucky and proud for the gift of music and enjoys it to the fullest.

She graduated elementary music school and loves piano and singing. When she doesn’t like to do something, she usually says „Can’t do it right now, I am caressing the cat“. Her best friend are a lovely white cat Kimi and dog Dzidza. Her parents and two younger sisters give her all the support she needs. She writes poetry and hopes that one day, all her poems, dedicated to Him will be in book stores and find its way to the people`s hearts. She likes nice and well behaved people, doesn’t like rudeness and meanness. Tries to help as much she can, trying always to be positive and in high spirit. She is a true  friend, who believes that love always wins and without it life just has no purpose.