Jelena Vasić

Born September 10, 1986, in Belgrade.
She works for seven years now as a school psychologist.
She is huge animal lover, has 14 cats and 7 dogs, lives in the country and has a big yard.
Soon to be a vet tech also.
She has a serious reading addiction, can’t function normally without at least five books per week. The only problem that she reads fiction only, the real world is too harsh for her.
She is fluent in English and Spanish, can also communicate in French and German a little bit. Learned Farsi but mostly forgot.
Loves spending time in nature, wild plant and mushroom collecting, walks and playing with her numerous pets. She is literally allergic to cities, big crowds, loud noises and cars.
Likes riding bicycle also. She doesn’t like to cook, despises ironing but loves to plant and grow flowers.
Her favorite season is spring and winter (especially when it snows). Doesn’t watch TV and have a peculiar music taste. She likes Latino, heavy metal, pagan folk and classical music.
Her greatest wish come true – her psychology degree. Her greatest unfulfilled wish – to visit and maybe live in New Zealand