Jelena Sarić


Born  November 15, 1984 in Belgrade.

Her occupation is programming and web design.
While attending Primary School, she was a member of KUD “Sumadija” Vlaška and a solist of choir “Elementary school” Bora Lazić “.
In the competition held at the Cultural Center Sopot in 2003, she won First place (she was selected as the best interpretor).
She enjoys spending her free time with her family. She occasionally visits sights, or goes to a walk  through the forests of Kosmaj with her daughter and her husband.
She has a lot of interest and says that her 24-hour day is not enough for everything she wants to do, see, hear, experience …
She likes books which you cannot stop reading, music that provokes deepest emotions, a kitchen that revives all senses and a good red wine.
She feels atracted to cheerful and positive people, as well as those from whom she can learn something new.
She would like to visit China, India and Egypt, because, as he says, she is fascinated by ancient cultures and religions since she was a child.
She speaks English, French and Spanish, and she also wants to learn Arabic.
She is a member of the choir since 2017, and its PR since 2018.