Andrijana Gajić Nešić






Born April 17, 1984 in Nis.

She is hardworking and devoted, and besides singing she is a biology teacher, but her true love is music.

At the time she is the main in charge for upbringing one beautiful baby girl named Iskra.

She spends her free time in various ways but her favorites are watching the sun beams and commanding the husband.

She is a big animal lover, enjoys in walks in nature with her retrievers Alisa and Svrca.

She wanted as a child to have a pet dog and they are a dream come true. She also likes to travel, to Barcelona, Verona, Venice, Maramel…

She comes back with a backpack full of experience, and some cash earned. She still longs to visit Prague and Vienna.

She is a fluent speaker of English and Russian, and can do a little German and Greek.

Oh, the music…

Music had  infatuated her from early years, and doesn’t let go ever since.

Besides her vocal abilities that she had shown in many pop/rock bands, she also is a gifted musician (keyboards especially, but sometimes she is a drummer).

Her favorites are pop, rock, R&B and soul but she is far from being exclusive about that.