About us


The Female Choir of the Sopot Cultural Center was founded in January,  2017, at the initiative of Jovana Dunic, ethnomusicologist, under whose leadership the choir held numerous concerts in Serbia.

At the very begining, the basic idea was to contribute to the cultural life of Sopot,  and  various manifestations that take place in this town and its surroundings. Cultural program will be enriched with the compositions performed by the choir.
In July 2018, the head of the choir becomes Nada Vukovic Djokic, a conductor and vocal pedagogue, who gives the choir the name “Neume”. Her arrival opens up opportunities for the world tour. So far “NEUME” received invitations from Russia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain.
At the beginning of 2019, with the support of Mr Nada Vukovic Djokic, and members of the choir, the conductor became Tatjana Ristic, a graduated music pedagogue and a member in National Opera, the National Theater in Belgrade.
On the repertoire of the choir there are pieces of world and domestic music literature, of all genres.
Members of the choir, 13 of them, are girls and women of different professions and interests. Some of them are still Primary school students, and some are even proud grandmothers. Among them there are professors, psychologists, designers, entrepreneurs, programmers, members of the National Opera, artist, teachers…
Each of them is successful in her own profession. They combine the mutual love to music and the desire to create a unique sound, in which the admirers of choir singing around the world will enjoy.
* Neume (Greek neuma – sign) are medieval characters for writing a musical melody. They consisted of hooks, commas, dashes and their combinations, and they replaced the ancient Greek way of recording notes with letters.