Tatjana Ristic was born in Belgrade on February 7th. 1979.

She graduated in 2007 at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, Department of General Music Pedagogy.

She is a member in National Opera choir of the National Theater in Belgrade, where she also had several solo roles in opera performances.

As a permanent member of the choir of the National Opera, she sings complete repertoire of opera performances, and performs it with a great pleasure.

She received confirmations of musical talent in her early childhood; in the elementary school she was a soloist of the school choir, as well as the choir in the music school “Stankovic”, where she began her music education in the class of professor Tatjana Bajalica at the solo singing department.

In the second grade of the lower music school in the department of solo singing, with the support of the solfeggio teacher Dubravka Banic, since she achieved excellent results in the solfeggio, she enrolled in the first year of high school on Theoretical section and after that, on second year of the secondary music school, Theoretical section as a regular student in the class of professor Dusanka Vukosavljevic.

Along with the theoretical section, she continued her solo singing in the class of professor Olga Milosevic, prominent soloist of the National Theater Opera in Belgrade, as well as National Opera theaters.

After graduating lower music school, she enrolled in the secondary music school, also in the class of professor Olga Milosevic, and continued in the class of professor Ljiljana Antonijevic.

After finishing high school, she countinued improving her singing technique through work with professor Olga Milošević, to whom she is  immensely grateful for the fantastic singing technique. She was a member of the choir “Krsmanac” from 1996 to 1997, and then a member of the First Belgrade Singing Society from 1998 to 2003, where she gained great experience in choral singing, participating in numerous festivals.

1998 – she improves her education with the professor of solfeggio Ivana Hrpka.

1999– started her education at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, department of General Music Pedagogy in the class of Vesna Krstic Sekulic. That way she completed her musical education.

Through her education she showed love for opera, and since she wanted to get it closer to the pupils in the class, she graduated on the topic “Opera in teaching music culture in elementary school” from the Methodology of General Music Education.

2000 – she passed the audition for the choir of the National Theater in Belgrade. After graduating from the Faculty of Music Arts, she continues to work at the National Theater Opera in Belgrade.

Opera is her great love and the most desirable genre of music, but immediately after the end of the academy, the paths led them to show their musical abilities in another way, through pedagogical work. With her students she had great results, passing final exams with the highest marks, while they won numerous awards at the piano competitions.The greatest confirmation of her work is satisfied students and parents. 

After moving to Sopot, she continues with pedagogical work, especially with preschool children preparing them for  music school. 

She becomes a Member of the Women’s Choir “Neume” at the Cultural Center Sopot with foundation of the choir in 2017, at the initiative of Jovana Dunic, ethnomusicologist and the first conductor of the choir, and continues in 2018 with conductor Mr. Nada Vukovic Djokic, from whom she gets invitation to be her assistant. 

At the end of 2018, Tatjana was invited from the Cultural Center Sopot to start conduction choir “Neume” with the support of Mr. Nade Vuković Đokić and members of the choir. 

She is married and has two children. 

She is happy when everyone is happy around her and enjoys spending her time with loved ones. 

She has many different interests, and she likes the most to take care of flowers, cooking or reading. 

She loves sincere and warm people.

She  thinks that the whole world would be a much more joyful place when people would laugh more often and work to live respecting themselves and others. 

She firmly believes in his dreams and that there is a time and place for everything in life.  Her family is the greatest support and her greatest joy. 

The thought that always led her to work with people: “There is no finer task than: enable someone’s development, and help other in his aspiration to rise …” – Ivo Andric …